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Mark and Zoe are a husband and wife team who run workshops both individually and collaboratively. We met on an MA illustration at Brighton University and have many years of teaching experience along with expertise in illustration and children's books. Quick Draw Stories is all about finding methods of expression that encourage creativity and free the imagination. We work with a complete mixture of children from those who are already keen artists to those who delight in finding new mediums of self-expression. Key info below, and you're very welcome to get in touch.


Key Info

We run workshops together or individually, depending on our availability. 


Our comics drawing workshops have general themes including world-building, creating characters, colour and collage, and book-making. But we can also tailor our sessions to fit just about any topic! We have recently created lessons for schools themed on science, enchanted forests and various eras of history.


In terms of age groups, we most regularly fit these workshops to Y2-6 but this is flexible. 


We offer half-days or full days of workshops in schools. A typical day of workshops might involve a series of workshops of between 40mins and 1hr for each group. We can give assembly talks/drawing demos.

We also run after-school clubs.

Meet The Team

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