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School Librarian, St Catherine's, Twickenham

We all had a fantastic time and the workshops you ran were wonderful. The girls were really inspired and encouraged with their drawing and ideas. Such a creative afternoon!


Max is always so enthusiastic to show us the work he's done in your club and has said it's his favourite after school club!


Bayley has had an amazing time drawing comic chickens , wizards and dragons . His imagination is fuelled!


Zoe and Mark are a wonderful team: they bound with enthusiasm and bring out the very best in children’s ideas, nurturing their individual creativity and encouraging confidence in expressing their own thoughts. No idea is too wacky at Comic Club, and they make every activity so much fun! As a parent, I watched my son’s confidence grow with each session, and it definitely supported his greater independence and positive self-belief at school.

English Lead, Lionel School, Brentford

You were engaging and inspiring and the children raved about the workshops for weeks afterwards! They keep asking when you will come back!

Teacher, Hythe School, Staines

The children were incredibly engaged and really enjoyed the opportunity to combine learning and one of their keen interests: comics! The assembly was a great way to get the children excited and the workshop certainly lived up to their expectations. 

Comments made by some of the children: 
- 'How Mark taught us to draw was really helpful and I really enjoyed creating my own comic' 
-'I really enjoyed learning how to draw and then having the opportunity to make our own comic book design and use our own ideas' 
-'The workshop was really fun, I liked the characters and the items he drew and that we could create our own taking inspiration from his design' 



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