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Open to pupils from all schools

Ideal for children 6-11 years old

The Vineyard School, Friars Stile Rd, Richmond TW10 6NE


Welcome to an epic historical holiday club! We'll be bringing history to life with drawing tutorials, crafts and group activities. These three days of QuickDraw Histories will span a stretch of time from the Stone Age to the Stuarts. You can book for the whole three days, any single day or a half day covering your choice of historical era. We're delighted to be hosted in a spacious classroom at the Vineyard School, with access to a playground for regular breaks.

Children will need a packed lunch, a water bottle and snacks for the day. Everything else is supplied by us. Tickets are non-refundable within two days of the event.


Each child will come home with:

  • A sketchbook (supplied by us) with practice doodles and ideas

  • Comic strips of their own creation

  • Crafts relevant to the historical era

  • A head full of fun historical facts!


Morning (9am-12pm) or Afternoon (12pm-3pm): £27

Full Day (9am-3pm): £50

Full Three Days (29-31 Aug): £135

Sibling discount tickets 10% off

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Tues 22nd August

Wed 23rd August

Thurs 24th August

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